is a California-based subsidiary company of Amazon. Alexa offers wide range of services like monitoring hot topics, ranking top sites and many more. However, the most noticeable service of Alexa that has been popular for a lot of years is keep track and measure traffic levels of tons of websites on the Internet right now.

What is Alexa rank

Alexa rank, simply put, measures how many visitors come to your website with Alexa toolbar installed. Long story short, many years ago, webmasters had no way to show off the popularity of their sites. They couldn’t just show off AW-Stats or Google Analytic stats to public because these metrics required sophisticated tasks; log in to dashboard, take screen shots and then post these screen shots online. Would it be boring if you have to do these tasks daily? In addition, would you feel convenient to show off exactly how many visitors come to your site each day?

Why Alexa rank is so popular

In this chaos, Alexa rank came up as a reliable service to measure the traffic of any site on the web. Alexa rank told how popularity the website was. It also didn’t reveal exactly how many visitors you got. These were several reasons why Alexa was so popular in webmaster world several years ago and until now.

The problem with Alexa rank

That was the story why Alexa rank is so popular in webmasters world. Today, Alexa rank has been claimed as an inaccurate measure of traffic to the web. Why? It’s because not a lot of visitors will have Alexa bar installed before hand when they come to your website. In addition, sites that fall into non-tech category are likely to have high Alexa rank (the lower score you got, the more popular your site is in terms of Alexa rank ) than tech-savvy websites, although they may have the same visitors and pageviews each month.

Why you need to care?

Although Alexa rank is not an accurate measure, it’s still favored by many advertising network like Text Link Ads or BuySellAds. In addition, having a nice number of Alexa rank will make your website looks pretty good if you want to sell it later. So, why wouldn’t you want to increase it?

Since I started eBlogCamp, I have been paying close attention to monitor my Alexa rank. From day one, I have brought my Alexa from around 3 million to 107,278 like in about 2 months like you can see right now. It’s not a big leap compared with other websites, but speaking about my content is occasionally related to webmasters as well as I don’t apply any “black-hat” trick, I think it’s quite a success.

The 5 tips are not hard to applied. In addition, you can use several other “shady” techniques to manipulate your Alexa rank easily. I don’t want to mention about these shady techniques right here, although I believe applying them cause no harm for your website.

Here are 5 easy things you can do right now to increase your Alexa rank at least 2000 – 3000 score per day:

  1. Install Alexa bar on your browser: I found this is the quickest way to start increasing your Alexa rank. You can go to Alexa website to get it. If you are using Firefox, use SearchStatus toolbar since installing Alexa bar can cause you to be redirected to Alexa web search whenever you type in search phrases into address bar (Default is Google search).
  2. Install Alexa bar on spouse laptop, work computers or .. any computers. I installed Alexa bar on my girlfriend computer and several computers in my campus already. These are all of the PCs I use to access to my website and work occasionally. It actually helps a lot.
  3. Install Alexa widget on your blog. You can get a widget from Alexa by clicking here. Select the widget code and create a new Text widget on your blog. Then, drop this code in that Text widget and you will have an Alexa widget instantly.
  4. Add your site to Alexa. If you haven’t added your website to Alexa, you should do now. It allows you to track your traffic over time and seeing searches coming to your site.
  5. Write reviews for your site. I found this technique should not be considered “shady” or “black-hat” technique. As the owner, you should speak first about the site or calling people to write your site a review. Get your friends or spouse to do that for you, too! You’ll be amazed by how many score you have improved after several days.

I realize these tips can help niche sites a lot in improving their Alexa rank since most of the content are not related to webmasters and technical topics. You can also apply several tips such as getting stumbled, submitting your content to webmaster social news sites and writing a post about Alexa to improve your Alexa rank.

What do you think? Are these easy tips to apply right now to increase your Alexa rank? What are some other methods?

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