There are many ways you can increase your blog backlinks which will in turn drive traffic to your site. Methods such as article writing, directory submission and RSS sites can be used, but blog commenting is my favorite way. By reading other blogs, you will increase your knowledge about how to make money online. Blog commenting is a great way to build your reputation and create more connections with other bloggers. I feel that if you read someone else’s blog post, you should write a comment and tell the author why you liked or did not like that particular blog post.

What is CommentLuv?

CommentLuv is a very interesting WordPress plugin. When you enable the CommentLuv plugin, it will pull from the commentator’s RSS Feeds and display the most recent post title in that commentator’s comment. Here is CommentLuv in action on eBlogCamp.

How to Install CommentLuv

The two easiest ways to install CommentLuv are:

  1. Download the CommentLuv plugin from, upload it to your website and activate it in the WordPress menu.
  2. Or you can install it from within your WordPress Admin Panel by searching for CommentLuv in the Plugins section.

Why is CommentLuv Useful for Bloggers?

I find CommentLuv extremely useful for follow reasons:

It Rewards your Readers that Comment on your Blog

You probably don’t want to have a blog without any comments. CommentLuv is especially good at increasing the incentive for people to comment on your blog because they can display the title of their most recent blog post right under their comment. Our blog gets a comment, and the commentor will also get a link to their blog. That’s a win-win solution for both parties.

Offer More Value to Readers

I always read other people’s comments before I write my own comment. I also tend to appreciate a blog owner that has enabled CommentLuv, because I can take a look at other people blogs and sometimes, I will click a link or two. I think by enabling CommentLuv, we are offering more value to our readers and that helps everyone in the long run.

Creating a CommentLuv Account

Creating a CommentLuv account isn’t mandatory, but you should consider creating an account at the main CommentLuv site so that when people mouse over the link, they can see more information about you.

  1. Register for a CommentLuv Account.
  2. Activate your account, edit your profile and fill in all of the required information.
  3. Add your blog URL. If you have more than one blog URL and want to include all of them in your CommentLuv profile, you will need to pay. Right now I think it’s $6 for a year.

Here is an image to show the advantages of having a CommentLuv account.

How to Find CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

Now that you know the advantages of CommentLuv, you want to find other blogs that have CommentLuv enabled so you can increase the number of backlinks to your site. There are two ways to find these blogs:

  1. Use the DoFollow Driver tool. When you want to search for a blog in the specific niche you want to comment on, type the keyword into the search box and it will find dofollow blogs for you.
  2. Use the CommentLuv search box. The search box is on the front page. Type in the keywords of the blogs you want to comment on and this tool will also display some good results for you.

3 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your CommentLuv Plugin


  1. Write a review about CommentLuv on your blog.
    CommentLuv has a special program for its members. If you write a tutorial about the plugin and publish it on your website, you will get 1 to 20 “credits”. Using these credits, you can do a lot of things. You can purchase an additional blog URL, or your can purchase a default URL
     that allows you to place a custom link, (instead of your normal latest blog link), in your comment. Imagine how many backlinks you will get when you comment on other blogs? That’s a great technique.
  2. Refer new members to CommentLuv by affiliate links or generate the most-clicked link.
    Go to the CommentLuv homepage and get yourself an affiliate link. Then you can start referring people to CommentLuv by your affiliate link to earn more credits for yourself.
  3. Write a guest blog post.
    CommentLuv also has a policy to reward its members for guest blogging posts they publish on the CommentLuv blog. This is a great place for your first guest post.


Wrap up

I have walked you through a description of CommentLuv and why you should use it as well as some good ways to find blogs to comment on. I hope you found it helpful.