All-in-One Guide to Increase your Blog Backlinks with CommentLuv

There are many ways you can increase your blog backlinks which will in turn drive traffic to your site. Methods such as article writing, directory submission and RSS sites can be used, but blog commenting is my favorite way. By reading other blogs, you will increase your knowledge about how to make money online. Blog commenting is a great way to build your reputation and create more connections with other bloggers. I feel that if you read someone else’s blog post, you should write a comment and tell the author why you liked or did not like that particular blog post.

What is CommentLuv?

CommentLuv is a very interesting WordPress plugin. When you enable the CommentLuv plugin, it will pull from the commentator’s RSS Feeds and display the most recent post title in that commentator’s comment. Here is CommentLuv in action on eBlogCamp.

How to Install CommentLuv

The two easiest ways to install CommentLuv are:

  1. Download the CommentLuv plugin from, upload it to your website and activate it in the WordPress menu.
  2. Or you can install it from within your WordPress Admin Panel by searching for CommentLuv in the Plugins section.

Why is CommentLuv Useful for Bloggers?

I find CommentLuv extremely useful for follow reasons:

It Rewards your Readers that Comment on your Blog

You probably don’t want to have a blog without any comments. CommentLuv is especially good at increasing the incentive for people to comment on your blog because they can display the title of their most recent blog post right under their comment. Our blog gets a comment, and the commentor will also get a link to their blog. That’s a win-win solution for both parties.

Offer More Value to Readers

I always read other people’s comments before I write my own comment. I also tend to appreciate a blog owner that has enabled CommentLuv, because I can take a look at other people blogs and sometimes, I will click a link or two. I think by enabling CommentLuv, we are offering more value to our readers and that helps everyone in the long run.

Creating a CommentLuv Account

Creating a CommentLuv account isn’t mandatory, but you should consider creating an account at the main CommentLuv site so that when people mouse over the link, they can see more information about you.

  1. Register for a CommentLuv Account.
  2. Activate your account, edit your profile and fill in all of the required information.
  3. Add your blog URL. If you have more than one blog URL and want to include all of them in your CommentLuv profile, you will need to pay. Right now I think it’s $6 for a year.

Here is an image to show the advantages of having a CommentLuv account.

How to Find CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

Now that you know the advantages of CommentLuv, you want to find other blogs that have CommentLuv enabled so you can increase the number of backlinks to your site. There are two ways to find these blogs:

  1. Use the DoFollow Driver tool. When you want to search for a blog in the specific niche you want to comment on, type the keyword into the search box and it will find dofollow blogs for you.
  2. Use the CommentLuv search box. The search box is on the front page. Type in the keywords of the blogs you want to comment on and this tool will also display some good results for you.

3 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your CommentLuv Plugin


  1. Write a review about CommentLuv on your blog.
    CommentLuv has a special program for its members. If you write a tutorial about the plugin and publish it on your website, you will get 1 to 20 “credits”. Using these credits, you can do a lot of things. You can purchase an additional blog URL, or your can purchase a default URL
     that allows you to place a custom link, (instead of your normal latest blog link), in your comment. Imagine how many backlinks you will get when you comment on other blogs? That’s a great technique.
  2. Refer new members to CommentLuv by affiliate links or generate the most-clicked link.
    Go to the CommentLuv homepage and get yourself an affiliate link. Then you can start referring people to CommentLuv by your affiliate link to earn more credits for yourself.
  3. Write a guest blog post.
    CommentLuv also has a policy to reward its members for guest blogging posts they publish on the CommentLuv blog. This is a great place for your first guest post.


Wrap up

I have walked you through a description of CommentLuv and why you should use it as well as some good ways to find blogs to comment on. I hope you found it helpful.


  1. I’ve used Commentluv for 1 year and absolutely it has increased the number of comments on my blog. This is my favourite plugin.

    • I also think it increases your traffic as well. Look at the CommentLuv website where top commentators are featured. If your name is on that list, imagine how much traffic you can get.

  2. My only problem is that having comment love on your site may cancel out your efforts from commenting on other sites with comment love.

    When you comment on another site they will pass page rank to you through your link. As soon as the owner from that site comments on your blog, that page rank goes right back to them. And sometimes even more PR is transferred to them, then was given to you.

    So unless you are commenting on more sites then people are commenting on yours, comment luv as a back-link strategy fails.

    Any thoughts?

    ps: where is my subscribe to comments checkbox? :(

    • I just checked with my tools and you’re right. CommentLuv link doesn’t have a nofollow rel in it.

  3. Thanks Kirk,

    Nice guide to CommentLuv – a truly great commenting system

    Good luck here with your new branding/name – the blog looks good and if you’d like to be included at Noaspa 2.0 please just visit and leave a message etc

    Thanks for the tweet by the way

    Best wishes from Hamburg

    (whatawebsite on BlogEngage by the way)

    • Thanks Will! I’ll definitely check it out :)

  4. I’ve tried installing it before with poor results. I guess I was just too much of a newbie at Thesis.. I guess I could give it another shot… the fact that it shows a commenters last blog post is quite a powerful aim right there..

    • Will, I can help you install this plugin if you want me to. I should be quite simple in Thesis.

      • Thanks Kirk, I manage though, I did it right away after commenting on your post. I guess that what messed it up the first time was that I did the installation adding code to the php.functions file on Thesis. That file costed me so many reinstallations of my whole blog..

        This time I .just downloaded the plug-ins via WordPress and installed it, works like a charm, you can check it out 😉 Thanks for caring anyway.


        By the way your blog looks crazy nice and clean. I like it a lot.

  5. This is really cool. thanks friend for sharing this.

  6. This post helpfull me so much. thanks friend .

  7. Commentluv has definitely created great results on my blog, and I think it’s one of the best tools for attracting commenters.

    • That’s absolutely right, Fiona :)

  8. Thanks for this informative post,It was insightful and profound.Bookmarked and saved to my bookmarks.Nicely written.
    blog commenting is about discussion and interacting with other people,not getting backlinks.
    If you leave a decent comment,it adds more value to the conversation.

    • That’s right Joanne. It’s good stuff :)

  9. I’ve been using CommentLuv and KeywordLuv on most of my blogs with great results. Its a great way to get your readers engaged and encourage them to comment and rewarding them for doing so. Another one I’ve taken advantage of is Top Commentators.

  10. Thank you so much for suggesting this plugin. I will definitely go check out this plugin. I’m a new WP user and I’ve been on the lookout for finding a good way to encourage comments. I am definitely bookmarking your site for further reference.

    • Sure! You should check out this plug, Hannah. And also, there is another plugin called KeywordLuv which you can use to reward your commenters as well. I see that most bloggers use these two plugins all the times and they achieve great results in increasing comments.

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  13. Hi Kirk,

    First off, great post. I just recently (in the past few days) found ComLuv and have really enjoyed it. But, reading all the great blogs it’s led me to I haven’t had time to install it on mine yet! I’ll get around to it. 😉

    I have been using their search engine but just took a peek at the DoFollow Driver Tool you talked about, and it finds ComLuv blogs too so, I may stick to that instead. Great tip. Thanks!

    Finally, I really appreciate all the comments after the post. There are some amazingly bright people out there. I learned a lot. So thank you, and thank you all for providing your insight and experience. Learning is such an ongoing process and people like you make it so much more enjoyable.

    Oh, one last thing. Being that it’s December 24th… Happy Holidays! :)

  14. Hey Kirk, thanks for sharing this great information. I’ve been using commentluv for about 6 months now and its been great. The only problem I have is although its enabled on my blog, the last post of each commenter’s site doesn’t show up. Do you know how i can fix this?

  15. Hey Kirk!
    I am fan of CommentLuv!
    This plugin is awesome.Beneficent for both the blog owner and the reader.
    And it has enforced the spammers to change the attitude towards blogging and blog commenting.
    Every blog owner should utilize this..

  16. Thanks so much for this very detailed post about CommentLuv. I was wondering what all of the hype was about it, did a search and this post popped up. Thank you! :)

  17. Thank you Kirk for this tutorial on a very special and important topic for newbies. This is an article that newbies like me must read and understand as it is very useful to us. Hope to hear more tips from you. God bless.

  18. In our blog commenting we are using commentluv for our plug in.And i agree with you that enabling CommentLuv, we have enrich our content more to readers and that helps a lot in the long run.

  19. Thank you Kirk for publishing such a great tutorial on backlink building. This is a great article to read by newbies. Hope to read more from you.

  20. CommentLuv has been great for me too. Keep the link juice flowing.

  21. I am thinking to use commentluv plug in for my blog, but want to know more about its reviews. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  22. I love Comment Luv, It really helps to build your back links for permanent links . I just wish they had a better version for Blogger blogs that will let me keep our comments once the program is uninstalled.

  23. Hi Kirk, thank for your explanation about some plugin like commentluv, it will help other people to get traffict :)

  24. The heart symbol on other people’s blogs just got me hooked and I had to try Comment Luv for myself! I installed the plug-in today and so far, it looks good on my site. I hope I will not be attracting spammers with this feature.

    Just a quick question: Do you know how to disable the plug-in for Blogger pages? I only want the comment form to show on my blog posts, and not on my blogger profile or privacy policy pages.

  25. Very interesting. Commentluv looks great. looking forward to use this one.

  26. Hey thanks for this guide to using commentluv ! I’ll probably start using it on my blog too !

  27. I read the blog and understood it and i got recommend to look at your blog to see how commentluv worked however reading your comments make me ask the question is back linking good or bad.

    I must also add currently i not 100% sure what i should write in the boxes re mail address and website as when i was shown he didn’t write complete web address, but i will continue to look as anything to improve page ranking has be be good even if i am clutching at straws.

  28. Supern guide, this is just the thing i wanted, really helped me a lot to understand backlink building and CommentLuv functions…thank you so much for this awesome work…

  29. The tutorial within the CommentLuv tool is really straight forward but this will save you watching the videos. Great tips, great post.

  30. this plugin help only to encourage user to post comments, spammer are encouraged to post comments , many readers dont even read the post clearly ..and post comment to get links..

  31. I use CommentLuv on all my sites. One question however tho. If you like it so much, why aren’t you using it here?

    • Comment Luv does work, but I have found it is a bit of a spam magnet. Since my time is limited, reading through spam comments that were not caught by Akismet was wasting my time, so I removed it!