In order to promote your blog posts, there are a number of tasks you should do right after publishing your post. I have realised that sometimes I forget to do all these little tasks. Even if I remember most of the tasks, I still miss some important steps to promote my new article to readers.

This is the reason I created a “Blog Post Promotion Cheat Sheet” for myself. In this cheat sheet, I layout the four necessary aspects you have to check right after publishing your blog post, including: checking the blog post again, submitting to social news sites, submitting to social bookmarking sites and submitting to social networking sites.

Things to do after you Publish your Blog Post

Feel free to download or print this cheat sheet for your reference. You can also add your own favorite sites into the to-do list to make it all yours.

Summary of the Tasks

Check your Grammar and Spelling Errors

Grammar and spelling errors are sometimes hard to detect, since you might be blinded to the errors since you have been working on the blog post for a long time and now you just want to publish the post and promote it.

However, checking for spelling and grammar errors one final time can really improve your articles and has many benefits for your readers since they can read the articles faster. Newspapers and magazines are not loaded with spelling errors and neither should your articles.

If I have been working on a post for a long time, I find that it is best if I leave the post in a Draft state overnight, and then re-read the post the next day. You will be surprised at how many errors or improvements you can make. Also try to make sentences as succinct as possible, don’t just add extra words if they are not needed.

Tip: You may want to use GD Press tool for WordPress to delay the time a new post appears in your RSS Feed. This gives you some extra time to look at your article one last time and make changes before it goes to the RSS Feed.

Check your On-site SEO

On-site SEO still plays an indispensable part in the whole SEO machine. Before promoting your post, you have to make sure that you rewrite your URL to make it shorter and keyword-rich. Moreover, you also need to have keywords in the title, meta description and meta tags.

Tip: You might be interested in isΒ how to do keyword research with Market Samurai.

Is your Post Compatible with your Theme?

Sometimes you may have done something wrong in the HTML of your post and therefore is just doesn’t look quite right on the front page. So you want to make sure that you check how your post is displayed one last time, to make sure that everything looks correct.

Submit your Site to Social News Sites

Submitting your site to social news is the fastest way to bring your post in front of readers. Some of the common social news sites are listed in my check list. However, you may also want to search for some of the niche social news sites for your blog on Google as well.

Tip: Check out my post about theΒ top 16 niche social news sites for bloggers to promote their posts.

Submit your Site to Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites, such as Digg or Reddit, can bring you huge traffic if your submission makes it to the front page. Even if it doesn’t make the front page, the submission may get you ten or more visitors to read your new blog post.

Tip: You may want to automate this task with software products such as Onlywire or BookmarkingDemon

Tweet your Site

Tweet your website to Twitter many times a day to maximize the exposure of your new post with your followers. Personally, I often tweet my post 3 times whenever I have chance to do it. You can use scheduling tweet services such as TweetDeck or Hootsuite to automate this task for you.

Share and Comment your Post on Facebook

If you have lots of Fans on your Facebook page, you can use a Facebook app like NetworkedBlogs to auto-publish your new posts on your Facebook wall. Then, you can comment on your post to start capturing attention and start a discussion with your fans.

Anything else that I Forgot to Mention?

If you have any other ideas to add more value to this cheat sheet, please feel free to contact me and I can include your idea and your links.