Easily Export and Import Data into your WordPress Database

Once you have an established blog with a lot of content, I am sure that one day you will need to make some global mass updates to the data in your WordPress database tables. Sometimes there might be an admin panel to make the changes that you need, but usually the admin panel does not cater for the case when you need to make hundreds of similar updates.




For example, you might need to:

  • Export all your product details from a particular WordPress plugin to a CSV file.
  • Increase all the prices in your eCommerce store by 10%.
  • Modify links globally across the entire database.
  • Update email addresses globally across the entire database.
  • and so on…

WordPress uses the MySQL database and one of the benefits of MySQL is that you can easily import or export data to and from any MySQL database table (or even the entire database). You might not know that there is a great tool called phpMyAdmin that you can use to do all the exporting and importing of data. You can access phpMyAdmin from your cPanel (most hosting providers offer cPanel with your hosting account for free).

It is extremely easy to use phpMyAdmin and it is also free. You just need is a good tutorial that shows you how to use the phpMyAdmin tool, so I created one for you. Once you learn how to use this tool you will be able to make all sorts of changes to your data quite easily.

For the tutorial, I setup a scenario where I want to increase all the product prices in my eCommerce store by 10%. I’m using the WordPress eStore plugin from Tips And Tricks HQ.

In the tutorial I will show you how to:

  • Make backups of your database so you will be fine in case you need to reload the original data back into the database.
  • Export all the data from the relevant database table into a text file.
  • Manipulate the data in the text file.
  • Import the modified text file data back into the database.

Please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know if you liked the tutorial or if you have any questions.


  1. I started using PhpMyAdmin at my internship when I first started. It makes managing a database quick and easy. Nice video!

    • Thanks for watching! Hope you found it useful.

  2. Awesome tutorial. I’ve been using phpMyAdmin for a while and it really makes it easy to manage your database without knowing SQL that well. Of course, knowing SQL doesn’t hurt either!

    Videos are also nice because I can watch through and follow the step so thanks for taking the time to do that.

    • Thanks Frank. I have received some good feedback from this tutorial. It’s a bit long (20mins)… but half of that it making sure that the viewer knows how to backup and restore those backups if something goes wrong. I would hate for someone to corrupt their database… and then not tell them how to fix it!

  3. This is the best definitive tutorial about how to backup and restore data via phpMyAdmin. I actually had to do this the other day and I followed your steps and had no problems manipulating and restoring various tables on my site.

    • Great to see someone using my tutorial for their site!