Exclude Categories from your WordPress RSS Feed

If you have a blog with a wide variety of categories, you might want to exclude some categories from your WordPress RSS feed so you do not spam your readers with too much unnecessary content.

I run another Web Design blog and the community of readers supply “news” content to the blog. Since there are about 20 news items per day, I need to exclude the News category from the main RSS feed.

There are a number of ways you could do the category exclusion, but most of the techniques require changes to your WordPress template or function files.

I don’t like modifying the theme files since it can be a problem to remember all those changes when a new version of the theme is released. I would much prefer to just use a plugin.

After a bit of searching, I found a plugin that does exactly what I need and you might also find it useful.

It’s free and it’s called Ultimate Category Excluder.

The great thing is that you can exclude categories from your Main Page, RSS Feeds and Archives which is really useful, and you do not need to change any code.


  1. Hi Kirk,
    This plugin is a great idea especially for sites where fresh content is regularly added but where you also want control over which potion of your content you want included in your RSS. I am now in the process of installing this plugin on one of my sites.

    • Hi Bob, yep it is handy. Prior to using this plugin I had to manually tweak the WordPress theme code. This plugin makes it a lot easier.