If you pay close attention enough to your blog admin area, you will see a small section called “Update Services” inside the Writing Settings section. More specifically, WordPress has given us some hint what is this section about:

When you publish a new post, WordPress automatically notifies the following site update services. For more about this, see Update Services on the Codex. Separate multiple service URLs with line breaks.

So, what are these Update Services are all about? How are they related to this blog post topic and deeper, how’s ping going to leverage your traffic to your blog? Let’s follow along.

So Ping, What Is It?

If you haven’t written a blog post or designed a website around 80’s and 90’s, getting search engines to index your page has been somewhat difficult. If you go back just 2 or 3 blog posts of mine, you’ll see I have mentioned how hard it is for people to get search engine attention at the time. In fact, it took them more than 6 weeks, maybe less, maybe more, just to get into search engines index.

However, everything’s pretty changed when blog was born. Ping allows bloggers to wave a big flag to search engines, say “Hey, I’m over here, index my blog, I just updated it”. Ping is a way to notify a central server that your blog has been updated so search crawlers can come and index your page.

So, instead of taking over 6 weeks, now your blog or website just takes less than 3 days to get indexed. What a big chance, isn’t it?

How To Use Ping Services

Ping services, or ping servers, or you can even call them Update Services, are all the same. They are central points to receive a link of recently updated blog and let search engines know.

There are many types of ping services:

  • Ping services of search engines: Several big search engines, like Yahoo or Google, they have their own ping server which receives notifications from bloggers for inclusion. These ping servers are free and search engines encourage every blogger to take advantage of these ping servers.
  • Free ping services: Free ping services, like Ping-o-matic is truly a time saver for bloggers. Instead of sending ping by yourself to many ping servers, you can use these services to let your blog get updated via many ping servers. It’s likely that the more ping servers you send, the better chance your blog will be indexed sooner.
  • Paid ping services: Paid ping services, like Pingler, automates the pinging task for you. With paid services, your blog will be automatically pinged after 3 days or so, over wider range of ping servers and you can set up multiple sites per one account. So, they have several advantages over free ping services.

Why You Have To Ping

I realized people have all the same questions over forum, that why they have to use ping. Here’re several reasonable causes that will convince you to take action right away:

  • Makes search engines index your blog sooner. In marketing world, being late one second means losing money on the table. For example, if you are going to write a review about a product and your competitor also does so, the sooner you publish your review, the better chance it will appear before your competitor in Google Search Engine Result page. And you know, being in better rank means traffic for your blog and money for yourself.
  • Makes search engine crawl your link. When you write an article in an article directory and that article is published, your job is not done. You’re supposed to ping that content as well. When you ping, search engines will come to pick up your link in the author resource box count it toward the link you have for your anchor text. If you don’t ping, that link may not be counted until … next month and image how many traffic you already lost without pinging.

List Of Ping Services To Get You Started.


The most popular tool for bloggers. Ping-o-Matic allows you to ping your site to different popular ping servers right now.


This tool is probably more popular for foreign sites because it lets you update your blog in several ping servers located in China.


A $2.99 month service that allows you to add up to 25 sites. These sites will be automatically pinged each 3 days so you don’t have to do anything. A truly worth-until-last-dime ping service.

How To Use Pingler For Free!

This is a trick that you can use pingler service for free. On Pingler homepage, you may notice there’re several ping server address that you can copy. Copy all of them and paste into the Update Services section in your blog Writing settings, just like my screen shot below here:

Because WordPress automatically ping these servers when your blog is updated, so you don’t need Pingler to check for every 3 days. That’s why I said, with this tip, you can get a Pingler service for FREE!

Over To Reader

What do you think? Did you know about ping before you read this post? Did you apply several tips I told? How’s the result 🙂

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