As a blogger who English is not my native language, I struggled with writing English article. I didn’t know how write an opening paragraph to hold readers’ breath and motivate them to read on my content. I didn’t even know how to write an excellent headlines before. I sometimes found it’s really hard for me to express myself and write a good content that didn’t just earn me reputation but also earned me backlinks and money as well. I really had troubles with writing a month ago.

If you are a serious blogger and want to write great content, you will remember how your last feeling of struggling hours and hours try to edit an article. You will remember how frustrated it is to edit and find grammatical errors in your post. You will remember how you have confused about using English words, whether you have explained everything clearly so your readers won’t ask themselves what do you really mean.

That’s what I have been experienced, exactly one month ago.

But, I can tell you right now, I feel that my writing skill is improving. Much better than when I started off.

I don’t feel so hard to write English articles now. Instead, now I am able to tell some jokes, write in correct grammars and spelling. On the top of that, I have really learned how to writeΒ  for readers while still optimized my content for SEO.

And don’t worry, I don’t keep the secret for myself. I will tell you just about now on how to write great English content.

Introducing the Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers – Score your posts out of 100

I received an email from Darren Rowse about a month ago. In that email, he introduced his newest e-book “The Copywriting scorecard for Bloggers“. I know Darren Rowse and I purchased his e-book “31 days to build a better blog” before, so I really know the quality of his work is. He mentioned that with this e-book, he listed all of the mistakes and errors about writing that the blogger could make and he gave me the nice checklist so that I could evaluate my content against those points to make sure that the content is high quality.

This is the real photo that I took from his e-book. I printed them out to use as I write my articles.

I will type the table of content here so that you will easily imagine what value, what benefits this e-book will bring to you and how it can help you to achieve more success in blogging


  • When you’re blogging, you’re selling
  • And you want lots of traffic
  • This book is a system for scoring your posts
  • Oh, and one more thing

Before you start

  • Know your objectives
  • Know your brand
  • Know your audience
  • Know you target keywords
  • Plan your post
  • Use these questionnaires
  • Chapter Summary

Write your post

  • Stay with whatever comes to you first
  • Be flexible
  • Don’t sim for perfection
  • Be disciplined
  • But know when to take a break
  • Chapter Summary


  • Writing recommendation
  • Scannability recommendations
  • SEO copy recommendations
  • Grammar pitfalls

The scorecard

These are the main content in this e-book. As I already said, this e-book has 63 pages full of content about how to write excellent content. No hype, no fluff stuff, straight to the point on how to write content that please your readers and score high on the search engines.

At each point, Darren has a little icon that indicates if you do this, you can add/subtract writing score for your post and at the end, if you have 100 score, you have written excellent content.

What’s more special about this e-book is you get 50% off other e-book written by Darren Rowse and I strongly suggest you to take 31 days to build a better blog e-book if you haven’t done so.


So, how to write a great article? You can spend hours of hours struggling with grammars, errors, expression about your idea or you can purchase this e-book, like I did, and enjoy writing an article with this scorecard next to you. That’s what I’m doing right now and I can say I’m really enjoy it.

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What include in this tool:

  • Keyword warrior: Pocked-size keyword research tool.
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  • Directory warrior: Auto submit your blog to hundreds of directories.
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