Here is some exciting news (for me anyway) because I am rolling out the new version of my own WordPress plugin “Ultimate Rank Protector” tomorrow.

I have been working hard during the past few months in order to release this updated version. Truthfully speaking, my plugin has received a lot of good reviews from users as well as fellow bloggers. The users have contributed to me some new ideas, which have helped me to make my plugin become the perfect solution for that typical problem that every blogger and marketer faces: Tracking Keyword Rank.

What is Ultimate Rank Protector and what does it do?

Great question and here is a video showing you what the plugin can do.

As you can see, Ultimate Rank Protector is a strong SEO WordPress plug-in that allows you to:

  • Track keyword rank inside one panel: Track unlimited keywords on unlimited pages and websites. With one-panel admin view, you can see how all of your keywords are performing on the one page.
  • Landing page discovery: It also automatically discovers the landing page for you, no more needing to remember a specific URL.
  • Track PR and page backlinks NEW! Track how well your SEO effort is with PR and page backlinks tracking.
  • Graphs and Reports NEW! Graphs and Reports show your ranking history visually.

How can it help me to Increase Traffic to my Site?

I have combined the use of Ultimate Rank Protector and WordPress Site Stats to create a powerful combination that has helped me to increase my traffic by 30%.

Firstly, I track what keywords people are entering into Google to find my site. For example:

Then, I put these keywords into Ultimate Rank Protector and as you can see, I have some keywords with a very high rank.

By using Ultimate Rank Protector, you can discover hidden gem keywords which are keywords that you may not be aware of but actually rank very highly on search engines. With these “hidden gems”, you can build several more backlinks to easily achieve the first position on Google.