Weekly Blogging News: Tips and Resources – No 4

Another week has passed and today is the day that I again publish a round up post about blogging resources which I have read and love during last week.

I really love blog posts from my fellow bloggers last week because they really created buzzes with their content. Thanks to them, I have learn much about social media, blogging and SEO. I am practicing them and I hope I can share with you my experience in the next few days.

Here goes the posts I enjoy reading the most:

  1. Your blog is struggling because…” is a name of an article by Brandon. He has done an excellent job in reminding what your blog is about and how you should behave to readers. Not another dry post because Brandon showed his compassion and humor voice into this post.
  2. The only guide you’ll need on Guest posting – Murray is a blogger who really has his own voice, which differentiate him with the rest. I love this guide because he shows his personal opinion, experience and humor.
  3. 7 ways to find inspiration: Think outside of a blog – Sometimes you have to think out of a box to find new content and idea. I often read a book when I need ideas and this wonderful posts just add 7 more.  (Btw, I really love number 7, anyone with me?)
  4. Reputation Management SEO: 6 Advanced Tactics – I intend to write a blog post about how you can build links on Wikipedia, but now, I have to think again since Rand at SEOMoz doesn’t think it’s a good idea. A must read who advanced-SEO bloggers.
  5. 18 months, 2 blogs, 6 figure income e-book – I guarantee it’s not another give-me-email-and-I-give-you-ebook or e-book filled with affiliate links. In this e-book, Corbett presented how, in 18 months, in a recession time, built his empire with just two blogs.

It’s your turn to be in this list

I want to include as many resources as I could find on the Internet into this weekly round-up post to make it as valuable to you as possible. One way that I did is to subscribe to many blogs as I can and be active on Twitter. You can also help me out by commenting on my blog and use CommentLuv to leave your best blog post, and I’m sure it will appear in my weekly round up if it’s valuable.


  1. Mike, it’s a honor to be featured in your post! I appreciate it a lot.

    Thank you.

    • You’re welcome, mate :)

  2. I love round up posts, because I can always find great articles to read (almost). I only read 3 articles from those you mentioned but I caught up and read the others too.
    Why I love it, you say ? Because is like have two sets of eyes who scour the blogosphere for great content :)

    • Thank you for your comment Alex. Yeah, I also love Round up post from other bloggers as well and that’s why I created mine :)

  3. Always love your roundups, Mike you give me a good excuse to take a break and do some reading and Corbett’s book is definitely worth reading. Congrats Rob on being featured on bravo on a great post!