Having your keyword rank drop happens to everyone. Sometimes, your search page position can drop a few positions. At other times, your pages can disappear from search engine results for a few days or weeks and then return at a higher position than previously. No matter what kind of online marketing techniques you are using, you will observe rank dropping several times. But why does it happen?

There are two common reasons why your keyword rank drops from the search engine results page:


1. Google Dance

The Google Dance is a common SEO term to indicate the time when Google changes its ranking algorithm. When Google changes its algorithm, several unknown ranking factors may be added to the algorithm while other factors are removed. Google has has possibly 100+ unknown ranking factors in their algorithm and the Google team and spam team are working every day to improve their ranking algorithm. They need to remove ranking factors that are too easy to manipulate and add ones that deliver results that are the most useful for users.

So when the Google dance happens, results are rearranged. Your page may be pushed to page 5, or it can be pushed out of the top 100 results. It all depend on the marketing methods you are using.

2. Fierce Competition

The more competitors you have, the more you will see your keyword rank moving up and down over time. Your competitors are trying to build backlinks and so are you. Don’t be too upset if you see your page goes to the 40th position, because that did happen to me when I optimized for a keyword. But after a lot of effort, that keyword now ranks at position #6.

How to get your Rank Back

The only way that you can get your rank back is by optimizing your content and building backlinks.

Optimizing your On-Page Content

There are a lot of ways to optimize your on-page content. I have mentioned a few in my previous articles in this blog. Basically, there are two important factors that you should care about. But in my experience, there are only two that you need to focus on:

  1. Your SEO Post Title: I must emphasize that there is a difference between the normal post title and the SEO post title. The normal post title is what you name your post. For example: I named this post “What Should you do when your Keyword Rank Drops?”. This normal post title should be used solely to capture reader attention because it’s more important than SEO. The SEO post title is what you type into the SEO plugin to change the <title> tag of your post. If nothing is specified, the normal post title will become your SEO post title. For example, with this post, if you look at your browser header, you will see “What You Need To Do When Your Keyword Rank Drop”. This title contains the keywords “keyword rank drop”, which I’m optimizing for.
  2. Keyword density: This is the second important factor in on-page SEO. There are many plug-ins that you could use to make sure you have good density of keywords like what I introduced in Supercharge Your Blog Traffic and Income with These 9 Underrated WordPress Plugins.

Continue Building Backlinks

As well as link building, there are other ways to get back your rank. Linking is still the most important ranking factor that the search engines use. The more quality links you get, the better your keyword rank. So how can you enforce your link building campaign?

  • Building backlinks with comments: Commenting is a surefire way to build backlinks. But, the only problem with blog commenting is you can only link to your home page. So, if you have a blog with lots of inner pages, you probably need a little boost of CommentLuv to make link building more effective.
  • Building backlinks with article marketing: I have showed you how I achieved #1 Google position with article marketing in previous blog posts. In upcoming posts, I will go into more details about this link building method.
  • Building backlinks with social news sites: Submitting your blog post to niche social new sites like BlogEngage, MMOSocialNetwork, Blokube can earn you not only backlinks, but also targeted traffic from search engines as well.

What do you Think?

Have you ever tracked your keyword rank? Have you ever experienced your rank dropping? Did you panic? What did you do?