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Does Good Grammar Influence Google SERP?

Google is increasing focus on quality measurements which is translating into actual ranking factors. Recent updates have shifted some ranking factor weighting form keyword relevancy to quality criteria. Is Grammar Important? I’m the sort of person that can spot spelling and grammatical errors right away. I am not an English academic expert, but I am a native English speaker (who has dealt with tough English teachers at school). I... read more

Boost Your PageRank with a Quick Fix

In this article I will show you how you can boost your PageRank by implementing two simple fixes, so you website will use a preferred domain. Each fix should only take you one minute to implement… and it is the very first thing I do after setting up a new domain on my web server. Most websites can be reached via two web addresses. One web address has the... read more

Exclude Categories from your WordPress RSS Feed

If you have a blog with a wide variety of categories, you might want to exclude some categories from your WordPress RSS feed so you do not spam your readers with too much unnecessary content. I run another Web Design blog and the community of readers supply “news” content to the blog. Since there are about 20 news items per day, I need to exclude the News category from... read more

Best WordPress Permalink Structure – The Definitive Answer

There are millions of WordPress blogs on the internet and there are also many different opinions on which is the best WordPress permalink structure. If you search for “best wordpress permalink structure”, there millions of results and this article will also contribute to that collection! So why should I write another article about WordPress permalinks? Hasn’t this been done to death? The short answer is that the majority of... read more

5 Tips for an Effective SEO Strategy

The key to your business’ online success is to have an effective SEO strategy. But not many people understand the components of SEO and what steps they can take to improve their rankings in search results. But first, to clear any confusion about what SEO actually is, I’ll go over the definition again. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a site’s visibility in the unpaid /... read more

Tactics to Deal with Spam Comments and RSS Autoblog Leechers

If you are running your own moderately popular blog, it doesn’t take long until comment spammers start targeting your blog with their useless spam comments. Another problem are the RSS Autoblog Leechers that copy and repost your content on their blog. In this article, I’ll discuss tactics that you can use to turn the tables on the spammers and leechers and actually turn the negatives into a positive outcome for... read more
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